Features of the Ozeri 4x3Motion Digital Pedometer

The Ozeri Corporation, a manufacturer of advanced digital lifestyle products, offers a broad range of home appliances and health and fitness devices. The Ozeri Corporation serves both individual consumers and destination clubs with such innovative products as its 4x3Motion Digital Pedometer.

Designed to help users monitor exercise habits, the 4x3Motion Digital Pedometer by Ozeri packs a number of key features into a 27-gram, 7.1-cm by 3-cm device. The product features Ozeri’s advanced Tri-Axis technology, which enables the device to take accurate measurements whether worn around the neck, placed in the pocket, or held flat. In each of these positions, the pedometer can measure the wearer’s number of steps, distance traveled, average speed, calories burned, and time spent.

The device can gather data in daily, split, or total modes for long-term or short-term results tracking and can record up to 1 million steps. To make this data easier to read and interpret, the pedometer allows the user to preset which results the device will display. A user that is interested in calories burned, steps taken, and miles traveled, for example, can program the device to show these three data points at a glance. The pedometer also includes a clock, a sports timer, and a calendar for further practicality and ease of use.