Five Tips for Food Prep and Preventing Cross-Contamination of Bacteria

Food Safety
Food Safety


A manufacturer of digital lifestyle products, Ozeri Corporation is a distributor of kitchen and bathroom products that feature bacterial protection through Microban’s antimicrobial technology. While the products offered by the Ozeri Corporation can help prevent bacterial exposure, consumers must remember to use caution when preparing raw food. The following covers food preparation safety tips to prevent cross-contamination.

1. Wash your hands frequently – Wash your hands thoroughly before touching food, and make sure to scrub between your fingers and under your nails. Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, and scrub for at least 20 seconds. You may also want to wash your hands again after touching raw meat and unwashed produce.

2. Clean surfaces and utensils in between use – Bacteria can easily spread from one surface to another or between utensils if clean ones come into contact with unclean ones. Clean each utensil after use and wipe down surfaces before placing clean plates and cooked food on or near them.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables prior to consumption – Rinse fruits and vegetables in warm water to remove visible dirt and grime, as well as any unseen bacteria that may linger. Slicing or cutting unwashed produce can spread bacteria from the surface to the inside.

4. Use separate cutting boards for raw meat – Preventing cross-contamination from raw meat is of considerable importance in the kitchen. Keep all surfaces that come into contact with raw meat separate from other food, and designate a cutting board exclusively for cutting raw meat. Clean them thoroughly after each use.

5. Always use clean plates for cooked food – Do not place cooked food on plates or dinnerware that you previously used for uncooked food.