About the Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale

Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale pic
Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale
Image: ozeri.com

The Ozeri Corporation manufactures specialty digital products for the discerning buyer. Offering a diverse portfolio, the Ozeri Corporation’s products include the Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale.

The scale, made of top-grade stainless steel, combines user-friendly function with a sleek design and a finish that resists fingerprints. Easy to clean and store, the scale also features an easily accessible battery compartment that comes equipped with two lithium batteries.

Because of four high-precision sensors, the Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale can measure items up to 12 pounds to half an ounce of accuracy. The scale’s large blue backlit LCD high-contrast screen displays weights in a choice of measurements, including American ounces and pounds and European grams and milliliters. Users can change the unit of measurement and weigh food items with the touch of a button.

Renowned for its accuracy, the Zenith Kitchen Scale by Ozeri was selected by the Dana Farber Institute for a Harvard Medical School study examining the link between weight loss and the prevention of breast cancer. As part of this study, the Zenith kitchen scale will provide a critical tool to help lay the groundwork for developing strategies aimed at improving quality of life and health outcomes for Dana Farber Institute patients.