Ozeri Corporation: Three Reasons to Cook Using a Kitchen Scale

Ozeri Corporation manufactures digital lifestyle products, including kitchen and bathroom scales, electric wine openers, and environmentally-friendly cookware. The products marry design and function using innovative technology and quality materials, such as ceramic and stainless steel. Here the Ozeri brand shares the benefits of using a kitchen scale for cooking and baking.

-Weight is far more accurate than measurement. Depending how you pack a measuring cup, your ingredient may vary by two or more ounces. In contrast, eight ounces is eight ounces, without fail. A scale provides the utmost in accuracy.

— Absent a measuring cup, scales also provide measurements in fluid ounces, allowing you to use any cup or bowl for measuring liquids.

-Scales reduce kitchen messes. With a scale, you’re free to build many recipes in one bowl by cumulatively adding each ingredient and returning the scale to zero after each addition.

-They make recipes easier to modify. Using a scale allows you to double or triple the recipe with relative ease, rather than fumbling with half-filled measuring cups. You’ll save time and learn which portion sizes are right for your family.

To learn more about Ozeri’s line of products, visit www.ozeriproducts.com or www.ozeri.com.