Kitchen Measurements – Problem and Solution

An international brand, Ozeri Corporation products represent the ultra-luxury market and occupy space in European estates and high-send spa resorts. Ozeri Corporation manufactures a line of kitchen utensils, cookware, and other tools to improve cooking and food preparation. The Ozeri Pro, a digital kitchen scale with antimicrobial Microban technology, catches the attention of chefs everywhere for its usefulness in measuring the exact amount of ingredients needed for recipes.

When cooks weigh ingredients for recipes, they know that, for example, the perfect single cup of grated cheese remains an elusive target. The same holds true for measuring flour or butter or broccoli with measuring cups and spoons. With most foods, the problem stems from an inability to fill a measuring utensil with accuracy.

Digital kitchen scales offer a solution to the kitchen measurement conundrum. Generally affordable and simple to use, these scales provide accuracy when measuring any type of ingredient. While digital scales offer attractive qualities, they have yet to make a sweeping appearance in American kitchens, and for good reason. Many cookbooks and cooking magazines fail to include weights in their recipes.