Ozeri Introduces Professional Series Ceramic Earth Fry Pan

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Image: Ozeri.com

San Diego, CA – Ozeri Corporation, a manufacturer of technology-driven housewares and healthy-living products, has announced the availability of its Professional Series Ceramic Earth Fry Pan. Hand-cast in Germany, the pan is crafted and then sealed with an APEO-, NMP-, NEP-, and PFOA-free ceramic coating, providing it with a safe, nonstick surface that makes it easy to clean.

Says Co-founder Marcus Ozeri, “The Ozeri Professional Series Ceramic Earth Pan is the pinnacle of quality, made using hand-cast manufacturing, where each piece is subsequently polished by hand and then layered with an uncompromisingly safe and durable coating, with everything entirely made in Germany. Expensive, yes, and perhaps not for everyone, but this pan will pay dividends through a lifetime of performance.”

Oven safe up to 260 degrees Celsius and 500 degrees Fahrenheit, the scratch-resistant pan is equipped with a durable aluminum core that can be used with rapid heat-transfer induction stoves. Its ergonomic handle is under-coated and heat-resistant.

About Ozeri Corporation: Originally a housewares supplier for the destination club market, Ozeri Corporation now focuses on providing the consumer market with lifestyle products for modernity. The company aims to provide long-term satisfaction to its customers through products featuring innovative materials and durable construction.


About the Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale

Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale pic
Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale
Image: ozeri.com

The Ozeri Corporation manufactures specialty digital products for the discerning buyer. Offering a diverse portfolio, the Ozeri Corporation’s products include the Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale.

The scale, made of top-grade stainless steel, combines user-friendly function with a sleek design and a finish that resists fingerprints. Easy to clean and store, the scale also features an easily accessible battery compartment that comes equipped with two lithium batteries.

Because of four high-precision sensors, the Zenith Digital Kitchen Scale can measure items up to 12 pounds to half an ounce of accuracy. The scale’s large blue backlit LCD high-contrast screen displays weights in a choice of measurements, including American ounces and pounds and European grams and milliliters. Users can change the unit of measurement and weigh food items with the touch of a button.

Renowned for its accuracy, the Zenith Kitchen Scale by Ozeri was selected by the Dana Farber Institute for a Harvard Medical School study examining the link between weight loss and the prevention of breast cancer. As part of this study, the Zenith kitchen scale will provide a critical tool to help lay the groundwork for developing strategies aimed at improving quality of life and health outcomes for Dana Farber Institute patients.

Ozeri Corporation – Supplying Product Needs of Ocean Village Tofino

Ocean Village Tofino pic
Ocean Village Tofino
Image: oceanvillageresort.com

Ozeri Corporation is a a well-established houseware manufacturing firm that offers a full range of luxury products for the modern home, from double-walled thermo glassware to Microban technology enhanced bathroom scales. Ozeri Corporation serves the needs of a number of leading hospitality enterprises worldwide and recently added the Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts and Ocean Village Tofino to its roster of hotel customers.

Situated on MacKenzie Beach on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Ocean Village Tofino is located approximately three miles from Pacific Rim National Park, a premier coastal wilderness region. Offering beachfront cabins and cottages, the resort emphasizes a minimal footprint and buildings integrated with surrounding scenic beauty.

Resort sustainability choices range from using nontoxic Planet Green cleaning products to stocking locally made, organic soaps for guest use. In addition, reclaimed cedar board is used in building trim renovation work and Smart Glass double-paned windows keep heat in cabins and the pool area. With its leading-edge healthy living solutions, Ozeri is proud to be part of the Ocean Village Tofino strategy of providing an enhanced guest experience.

Five Tips for Food Prep and Preventing Cross-Contamination of Bacteria

Food Safety
Food Safety


A manufacturer of digital lifestyle products, Ozeri Corporation is a distributor of kitchen and bathroom products that feature bacterial protection through Microban’s antimicrobial technology. While the products offered by the Ozeri Corporation can help prevent bacterial exposure, consumers must remember to use caution when preparing raw food. The following covers food preparation safety tips to prevent cross-contamination.

1. Wash your hands frequently – Wash your hands thoroughly before touching food, and make sure to scrub between your fingers and under your nails. Wash with warm water and antibacterial soap, and scrub for at least 20 seconds. You may also want to wash your hands again after touching raw meat and unwashed produce.

2. Clean surfaces and utensils in between use – Bacteria can easily spread from one surface to another or between utensils if clean ones come into contact with unclean ones. Clean each utensil after use and wipe down surfaces before placing clean plates and cooked food on or near them.

3. Wash fruits and vegetables prior to consumption – Rinse fruits and vegetables in warm water to remove visible dirt and grime, as well as any unseen bacteria that may linger. Slicing or cutting unwashed produce can spread bacteria from the surface to the inside.

4. Use separate cutting boards for raw meat – Preventing cross-contamination from raw meat is of considerable importance in the kitchen. Keep all surfaces that come into contact with raw meat separate from other food, and designate a cutting board exclusively for cutting raw meat. Clean them thoroughly after each use.

5. Always use clean plates for cooked food – Do not place cooked food on plates or dinnerware that you previously used for uncooked food.

Achieve the Wine Ideal Serving Temperature

Ozeri Corporation pic
Ozeri Corporation
Image: ozeri.com

A manufacturer of digital lifestyle products for modern homes, the Ozeri Corporation offers a number of tools to help customers serve wine at the ideal temperature. In particular, the Ozeri Corporation sells an electric wine opener with a built-in thermometer and a stainless steel wine chiller.

At the low end of the temperature spectrum, sparkling wines should be served at a temperature between 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The low serving temperature ensures fine, crisp bubbles rather than foamy ones. To achieve the ideal serving temperature, place the bottle on ice for 30 to 60 minutes before opening, and keep it on ice until the wine is gone.

Hailed by many as a refreshing drink on a hot day, white and rose wines should be served between 50 and 60 degrees. Leaving a bottle in ice for about 30 minutes should chill it to the appropriate temperature. The wine be can be left at room temperature as it is being consumed. As far as red wines go, place the bottle on ice for no more than 15 minutes before serving. Red wine should be served at a temperature between 60 and 70 degrees.

Ozeri’s WeightMaster II – Detailed Tracking of Weight Gain and Loss

The Ozeri Corporation is a southern California housewares-manufacturing firm that offers a full range of luxury digital lifestyle products. Among the Ozeri Corporation’s innovative offerings is the WeightMaster II 440 lbs. Digital Bathroom BMI scale. This advanced product combines Microban antimicrobial protection with Instant Weight Differential Detection. This enables scale owners to simultaneously check their body mass index and any day-to-day changes in their weight. These are displayed according to parameters set within the weight-management program.

One method of weight tracking is via 30-day memory. Users measure their weight on a daily basis for a month. The weight that appears is tracked against the previous day’s weight, as well as against the average of the full month, the past week, and the past three days. The instantaneous readout is clearly displayed on an LCD screen equipped with color alert technology. If a green illumination appears, weight has been lost. Conversely, a red illumination indicates weight gain. A key advantage of the WeightMaster II is that it avoids data connectivity and synching issues associated with more costly Bluetooth and wireless alternatives.

Choosing a Pedometer

A manufacturer of digital home products, Ozeri Corporation is a leader in its field. In addition to a wide selection of housewares, Ozeri Corporation also produces products for healthy living. For example, it produces a line of high-quality exercise pedometers.

Pedometers are devices that count the number of steps a person walks during a designated period of time. By monitoring the information displayed on a pedometer, a person can gain insight into their current exercise and habits, and monitor ongoing efforts to become more active and fit. When selecting a pedometer from among the many different types and styles available, there are a number of things to consider.

First, pedometers differ in the degree of accuracy they provide. Some of the cheapest models use a hairspring mechanism that often does not measure a person’s steps accurately. For someone looking for greater precision, a pedometer that uses a coiled spring mechanism or accelerometer is typically a better option.

In addition to accuracy, consider how you plan to use the pedometer. Some pedometers are worn on the wrist, while others are attached to the waistband or are worn in some other fashion. Factors such as comfort, size, display, and security should all be accounted for when making your choice.