Choosing a Pedometer

A manufacturer of digital home products, Ozeri Corporation is a leader in its field. In addition to a wide selection of housewares, Ozeri Corporation also produces products for healthy living. For example, it produces a line of high-quality exercise pedometers.

Pedometers are devices that count the number of steps a person walks during a designated period of time. By monitoring the information displayed on a pedometer, a person can gain insight into their current exercise and habits, and monitor ongoing efforts to become more active and fit. When selecting a pedometer from among the many different types and styles available, there are a number of things to consider.

First, pedometers differ in the degree of accuracy they provide. Some of the cheapest models use a hairspring mechanism that often does not measure a person’s steps accurately. For someone looking for greater precision, a pedometer that uses a coiled spring mechanism or accelerometer is typically a better option.

In addition to accuracy, consider how you plan to use the pedometer. Some pedometers are worn on the wrist, while others are attached to the waistband or are worn in some other fashion. Factors such as comfort, size, display, and security should all be accounted for when making your choice.